Plastic mulch film/agricultural mulch film/black mulch film Mulch film is agricultural film, often used for fruit, flower and vegetable plantation to increase the crop yields. It controls weeds, blocks the sunlight and retains the moisture in the soil.

Our Agricultural film advantages
 Agricultural films are based on best quality raw materials. The films are manufactured on a state-of-the-art, multi-layer film extrusion line under supervision of experienced personnel in plastic processing technology.
 Strong water holding and good heat preservation
 Promote crop production
 Flucturation soil temperature
 It is almost not pervious to light
 Weed control effect obviously
 Fertilizer conserving capacity
 Reduction in soil compaction
 Reduction in root damage
 UV stabilized
 Superior strength and toughness
 Tear strength
 Higher light transmission
 Folds up to stronger

 Widely used in vegetables, flowers, fruits and agricultural cultivation, etc
 Widely used in livestock breeding industry